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Volunteer / Non-Committee Roles
These roles are vital to the running of the club and ensuring that it continues to grow, however the people doing these roles will not be required to attend regular committee meetings. They may be invited to attend Management Committee meetings on occasion, especially if there is something specific to their role to discuss. They may be asked to provide a written update on specific items relating to their roles for committee meetings.


Responsible for providing leadership and vision for the club, ensuring that the club provides a safe and friendly environment for players to enjoy football, provide strong leadership and guidance to steer the club forward and work with all club officials to provide information on the running of the club.

Ensure that the club have enough money in the bank to cover expenditure related to running the football club. Provide accurate budget, income and expenditure information to help the Management Committee to make financial decisions.

Player Welfare
Ensure that the wellbeing of the players is always a top priority for everyone involved with the club. Deal with any complaints in a professional and discreet manner and report anything relevant to the Management Committee.

Club Development
Ensure that the club continues to grow and that it’s players and volunteers develop. Provide information and guidance to the Management Committee of opportunities to improve the club for its members.

Organise social events to bring the players, officials, parents and all members together in a social setting to enhance relationships within the club and raise money for a charity

Ensure that teams have pitches and referees booked for matches and liaise with team managers.